Friday, March 12, 2010

My Precious one is turning 5 this coming March 31, 2010!. Thank GOD for another year. She was such a blessing, that until now I can still remember every detail of how I deliver her, and I mean every single detail.

She was so excited that she will be a year older a few weeks from now. She is so happy that she keeps on asking, when is the exact date of her birthday and then she will murmur something like " I will be turning 5, I will be 5" isn't it amazing how another birthday can make her so happy? and it makes me happy too.

This year will be another challenge for me as a mother, I know that there will be changes in our lives, she is no longer the baby that I am holding in my arms,with tiny hands and slender fingers, so delicate and so vulnerable. I miss those days wherein I cuddle her in my arms, singing her songs so that she could fall asleep, really miss those days, but these changes are for good, when she grows up I also grew with her, as I person and as a mother as well.

And, I am so happy to see her grow, I was there when she take her first step, when she mumbles her first word and that is "papa"and when she was trying to be independent. I can never forget the days of her being an infant until she enters school.

Now, she is a preschooler she will be an incoming K2 this June and it will be another chapter in her life but I always assure her that I will be always there for her!

Mayeh growing older makes me realize how important life is, and I will pray that this will just be another of the many years that will come to her life.


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