Monday, March 15, 2010

Pacquiao-Clottey fight

ARLINGTON, TEXAS – Manny Pacquiao-Joshua Clottey was not a good fight it is just a gift wrapped in a magnificent packaging.
That's what happens when one boxer, Pacquiao, comes to fight to defend his title and bring honor to our country and the other, Joshua Clottey, shows up to cash a paycheck while extending a career-long streak of never being knocked down.. Sparring sessions and worked out which are open to the public often provide more drama not to mention the publicity of the fight.Clottey was not fighting he is only defending himself,blocking his face with his fist to avoid a knock-out.

Here are the results:
WBO welterweight title: Manny Pacquiao, 145, Philippines, outpointed Joshua Clottey, 147, Ghana, 12
WBC lightweight title: Humberto Soto, 134, Mexico, outpointed David Diaz, 134, Chicago, 12
Roberto Marroquin, 122, Dallas, knocked out Samuel Sanchez, Dallas, 2
Eden Sonsona, 119, Philippines, knocked out Maurcio Pastrana, 119, Colombia, 8
Joe Morales, 126, San Antonio, no decision with Michael Farenas, 127, Philippines, 2
Salvador Sanchez, 125, Mexico, stopped Jaime Villa, 127, Midland, 6
Rodrigo Garcia, 149, Santa Ana, Calif., stopped Calvin Pitts, 149, Grand Prairie, 2
Isaac Hidalgo, Tucson, Ariz., majority draw with Arturo Trevino, Fort Worth, 4
Alfonso Gomez, 145, Mexico, stopped Jose Luis Castillo, 144, Mexicali, Calif., 6

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