Friday, March 26, 2010

Recognition Day

March 24, 2010 it was the recognition day of my daughter and she was an honor student.

I am very proud of  maye because she was included as one of the top 5 in her class. It was an achievement for her since she was only 4 years old and she had skipped a year and went directly to K1, her classmates were also a year older than she was and she  was able to compete with them, she was also the only girl that made it to the top..she was one smart girl!
   As A mother I am happy as well knowing that she made it to the top( genes, you know!^_^)....It's not easy sending a child to a private school, yes, they have good and quality education but it cost too much, and I am striving hard to sustain her needs financially,but it's all worth it..Thanks be to GOD for the gift and for such blessings!

 Congratulations Maye!

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