Thursday, April 22, 2010

Getting Pregnant

My daughter had turned 5 years old last month and she have her own world now. She is trying to be independent and what can I say she is preparing for the elementary years meaning she is growing up not a baby anymore.
I am now thinking of getting pregnant again, since maye is old enough for a sibling, and my husband's is so anxious to have another child, but there us a BIG BUT!
I am afraid for a lot of things, I do not know if I am now emotionally stable to carry a child, plus the fact that I am working.I am afraid that I will stop working when I deliver the baby because I know that during those days the infant will need my care,and I am really scared, because it will affect our stability financially and Maye is studying in a private school, my job is a big help in sustaining her needs and paying her tuition fee.
Considering that I will be having a Maternity leave and I will be receiving my maternity benefits, it is still not comforting to know that, because delivering in a hospital is so expensive, okay let's say I will do it in Public one, it is not comfortable for a mother to wait in line while on labor and sharing bed with another after giving birth. I know it's not believable but it is a fact.
If I will deliver in a private hospital that will costs too much for me, so I need to save money before getting pregnant. Formula milk for infants are also expensive...
What really bothers me most is the financial aspects of living life..I maybe ready emotionally and physically but not financially..
I know that my husband is so eager to have another baby but I am also thankful that He understands my fears,and he was very patient in taking the time to let me be ready when to get pregnant.

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