Thursday, April 8, 2010


It has been quite sometime since i wrote, my work and my family keeps me busy these days..
I was so pissed of with the housemaid that she was absent for four days leaving all the household chores to me, the laundry is piling up way above the laundry basket, and just thinking about it makes me tired, in the past days I never had the time to visit my blogs, but luckily got a little time to spare today, since I am already done cleaning the house and doing the laundry..thank God it is all tiring but taking care of our home is worth it, seeing my hubby and my daughter enjoying the cleanliness is so satisfying, and it makes me happy..

I was also shocked to know that my housemaid had a miscarriage thus she was not able to work, the first time she went to the doctor, the finding was UTI and she was given a medication only to learn at a later date that she was pregnant and that the drugs she was taking was the cause of miscarriage...not good huh!

If it happened to me I will surely sue the doctor for that, Imagine how a big mistake was is like abortion..The doctor should have ask for more information from the patient before informing the patient about a certain illness, because administering drugs is as dangerous as it is a cure...

I guess I will take care of the house for a longer time, until I find someone new to replace the old housemaid ..but for now I have to have time management to maintain the cleanliness of the house ..Oh My!

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