Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Uploading pics

I was uploading photos in my facebook account and trying to figure out, why my USB won't work. There is always a window popping up telling me that the device is not recognized oh! sweet mama, is my USB broken or was it the computer..(sigh)..I keep on transferring the USB from one outlet to another and vice versa, I guess it takes a few minutes to get it done and finally it works,..hmmm, good thing because my patience is wearing thin, and I am thinking of kicking the CPU....to make it functional..lol
Anyways  I started browsing for the pics that I have saved in the USB from my brothe in-law's digital camera and just to discover that it was empty!..What can I say, Wasn't it really one bad day for me?...Grrrrrr!!
Good thing I still have plenty of things to do or else I'll be dead by now...because of hypertension!

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