Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's almost six years

Me and my husband is living together for about six years now and I just realize how time flies so fast that I didn't even realize, that, of the almost 6 years that we have been together , We have never been apart even for a single day. We slept together every night (except for the times that I was on a night shift) and we woke up together every single day of each year.
It's been quite sometime, don't you think?..I am not complaining, I am just wondering how we did it for the past few years.....^_^

I'm just kidding, Basically for me there are just a few things that we are doing everyday that maybe keeps the relationship burning until now..LOL
Every morning when I woke up, I always kiss him good morning and hug him tight.I always say "thank you" for the little things that he is doing for me. Every night after work I always see to it that dinner is ready when he comes home, I always asks, how was his day.
But we all know that there is no such thing as perfect, we also have disagreement, even on small things but what matters most is how we end those misunderstanding...
I wouldn't say that these will be forever because forever is too long ,yet I am hoping it will be, because we know that there is nothing constant in this world except change, but I am praying that the love we've had for each other will be strong enough to hold us both until the end.

Love You pa and Thanks for the LOVE!

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