Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Modern Mother

Being a mom today is not as easy at it was a few years ago.I could say that my Grandmother had an easy time being a mom than my mother, so how much more with me?
I didn't say it is too hard but compared with my grandmother's time it is harder, during their time there aren't any cellphones, no online shopping and all these modern convenience, these are the factors that made it harder for moms of today.
Television has great influences on my child, I am hearing her repeating the lines of the advertisements  and keeps on telling me to buy these and that because this is what she saw on one of those commercial.
The modern day living is not as safe as what they had during the past, that children can play safely around the block while mothers are chatting over a cup of coffee.,today it is different, leave your children at the mall and you will never see them again, you see how the the modern day life not compensating the lack of friendliness and safety for our children.
The fact that the present time requires mom to work to make both ends meet, (even wealthy people are working but that is not to survive but to get even richer.)is a big factor that affects the growth of the new generation,unlike before, because life was so simple then that mothers were staying at home making more time with their children(no TV's too), so they can make more time for each other, unlike now we can only spare a little time for our children because we need to work to survive...and this really makes a big difference, because at times that the children were at home and we are at work, all they could do is watch television or surf the internet which we are afraid of(we do not know what they are doing online and the net is very dangerous for a young mind). I cannot say the that having these modern day life makes me great mom I still longed for a more simpler life away from the dangerous influences of the city life..I want my child to be safe but I can only do so much because I need to give her a good future and the only way is to work at a city where jobs are available....
A Mother & Daughter" Touching 8x10 Poem, Double-matted In Dark Green/Burgundy And Enhanced With Watercolor Graphics.

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