Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My World 2.0

My World2.0 by Justin Beiber returns to #1 on The Billboard200, replacingUsher’s Raymond V Raymond , which debuted in the top spot last week. Bieber, 16, is the youngest male solo artist ever to top the chart for two or more weeks. Ricky Nelson was 17 in 1958.Bobby Brown  was 19 in 1989 when he headed the chart for three weeks with Don’t be Cruel . (and turned 20 when the album returned to #1 for three additional weeks). Stevie  Wonder’s  Little Stevie wonder/The 12 year old genius, released in 1963 when he was 13, top for only one week on the chart.
My Worl 2.0 has sold 676,000 copies in its first three weeks. It sold more copies than the Jonas Brothers Lines, Vines and Trying times it only sodl 635,000 copies since its release in June.
"Baby," the biggest hit from Bieber's current album, has sold 1,525,000 digital copies. Bieber owes a big debt to Ludacris, whose rap gives the light, poppy record a bit of texture and heft. "Baby" is closing in on "One Time" as Bieber's top seller to date. "One Time" has sold 1,815,000 copies in the past 40 weeks.
As a teen idol, Bieber receives both adoration and abuse. I think the "haters" should lighten up. Twenty years from now, when you ask someone in their late 20s or early 30s to name the first song they ever downloaded, or the first album they ever bought, or the first concert they ever attended, many are going to smile and say, "Justin Bieber." Young Mr. Bieber is turning people most specifically the young girls of this generation to popular music. Many of these young fans are going to start here and move on to other things. Today, Justin Bieber. Tomorrow who knows it may still be him but the worls is spinning so I can only guess.

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