Tuesday, April 13, 2010


My  5 year old now . Maye had turned 5 last March 31. 2010 and she is growing really fast . She now knows thousands of words and can say most of them clearly. She can describe people and events in detail and uses more complex sentences. In fact, she  often talk continuously and it is non stop, she  likes to tell stories, ask questions, or simply share with me every thought that pops into their heads. She is practicing all the language skills she have been picked up over the past 4 years, and I noticed that her  questions and comments  mirrors her, developing a new way of thinking.

My  5-year-old is fairly reliable about using proper verb tenses now.

I also notice that she is picking up conversational etiquette. like being more  patient in conversations and more willing to take turns talking., but most of the time she is very talkative that she does all the talking and if it is my turn to react and she doesn't like it, she will automatically give her own point of view even though I am not yet done with what i was about to tell her.

 It is good to know that my child is developing as a normal kid and smarter that I expected...I thank God for her being a blessing to both me and JR.


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