Monday, April 19, 2010


I was so bored that I browse the web for whatever could refresh me and opened my yahoomail, I accidentally read a newsletter from one of the sites the I have subscribe in and found a very interesting article that spanking can lead into a more aggressive behavior..
It says that we all know that children need guidance and discipline, but parents should focus on positive, non-physical forms of discipline, such as time-out rather than spanking,and there are theories that, the more frequent we hit our children for whatever reason, the more stress they're feeling, which can impact brain development, emotional development and can impact behavior." so it may develop in their memories that, it is okay to spank them when they commit mistakes, which is not good since it could lead to a more violent adulthood

I wouldn't say that I never spank my child, I did specially, if I was so stressed out at work and she is also provoking me of doing something that I won't, but it is not to the extent of hitting her, just a little pinch in the side will do for her. I do believe that imposing the reward system and respecting her the way she is respecting me is still the best way to not get a defiance..

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