Friday, April 23, 2010


Thank God it's Saturday!..I heard one my friends shouted, and judging by the tone of her voice she was so relieved that it's weekend.
She was thankful that it's weekends because her work requires most of her time, thus leaving her a few hours of sleep,so since it Saturday and no work at night( she was on a night shift)she was relieved that she could sleep for the whole day.
I was thinking if I could do the same, but I guess I cannot, being a mother requires my time 24/7, I am not complaining, I was just wondering if I could sleep for one whole day without interruptions..(hmmmn!!)
Thinking of my life now, I wanted to say Thank GOD for my everyday, I know that I keep on repeating my daily routine, but it is what makes me alive, going to work at 6am and find it good to chitchat with my friends about things and happenings and people as (you know sometimes we have this tendency to talk about people) then start my task, then go home at 2pm ,to again work at home (the never ending chores at home) you see? my daily activities keeps me alive and kicking.
I am also thankful of my everyday because I got to see the miracle of life, the continuous growth of my child, and feel the love of my family...

Thank GOD for the Everyday that you are giving us!!!

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