Thursday, April 29, 2010

very active

My child's having so much energy everyday...she wakes up at 7am in the morning went out of bed and start running around the house,play with the dog and ride her bike, she just pause to eat and take a bath, then go on running again. She had so much things in her mind that she wants to do and she is doing it all day long and looking at her it makes me tired...
In my part, it is very tiring to see her run here and there, she is so hyperactive that she couldn't stay in one place., even when she is watching t.v, she is tumbling and turning,put her feet above her head and she also chases the dog inside the house, dance without music and sings by shouting, she also talks too much, telling me a never ending story.
My five year old is very active , I know that it is natural for her to be like that,because she is one healthy kid but sometimes, so much noise and chaos in the house pisses me off, to the extent of yelling her, telling her to behave.(I know I was not supposed to do that But sometimes I just can't help it) specially if she is teasing the dog and the dog keeps on barking it's very noisy!

Chaos in the house everyday but I am thankful that she is like that.. it goes to see that she is very normal at her age and very healthy and oh! she is also a smart kid..very very smart!

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