Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I was giving my daughter a Bath the other day and I was surprised by what I found out!
She is much taller now, I don't know why is it that I didn't notice her growth, but the last time I gave her a bath that was 5 days ago she was just halfway through my belly, now she levels up to my breasts, isn't it weird or I just didn't take notice of her growth? or mostly because I seldom gave her a bath, She was so independent that she takes a bath herself.

I was so amazed how tall she grew for the last few days, she is way taller than most kids her age.
I hope she continues to grow, because I am afraid that her growth would slow down during the growth gap years, I guess that's between 6-10 years old, and she is 5 now so that's only a year away, I only have a year to maximize her growth before the growth gap years..but I am glad that she is growing the way I wanted her to be...AMAZING!!

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