Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day gift

When I went home from work yesterday, I am so tired that even I am still on my way I am thinking of my bed..sooo sleepy..but I am so disappointed to see the house so cluttered and the floor is so dirty...
I need to clean the house and I only have 3 hours before dinner time and i had to prepare dinner, so there is no room for sleeping(sigh!) I need to put maye to sleep, she needs it for her growth, event though she is now 5years old.
To make the story short, I end up cleaning the house and did a little laundry..
I was washing the dishes when maye asked me "Ma , is today Mother's Day?"..
I said, "no it will be a few days from now..
"Ah, okay" she replied...
I was wondering how did she hear about that, I guess from the television....
After a few minutes, she went back to me and said
"Ma, Happy Mother's Day in Advance" and hugged me...
I was speechless, I was so touched, tears fell from my eyes and I hugged her tight,and I whispered "thank you"...
when she saw the tears, she was asking if I am crying and I said
"No, there is just something in my eyes"..she said "I'll blow it away for you because it's mothers day".. Oh,my sweet little one
That is the most wonderful gift I have for mother's day..A greeting full of love from my 5 year old daughter.

I was so tired when I went home but with that simple greeting, I felt like there is so much energy in me that I can do all the household chores...^_^

It is a Wonder how my child makes me happy in such a simple gesture of LOVE!!

Thank GOD for her!

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  1. That is sooo sweet!!! She is precious!

    Happy Mothers day!!