Monday, May 31, 2010


I was able to come up for the sum of money that Maye needed to be enrolled this school year, Classes will start two weeks from now ad it is school days again..thinking about it hurts my pocket.
I enrolled her in the same school that she went in last year, I already decided that she will continue to study there, it is very convenient for both of us since it was only three blocks from home..A private school!
It is expensive I may say compared to other school but what I am after is that I am at peace knowing that she was not that far from home(i don't have a yaya with me)
and this is the third year that she will be in this school, so she is more confident and she already has friends.
What bothers me is that the school is so by the booked that the they are more focused academically, they seldom have activities in which children can develop their talents,aside from the fact that it is expensive.
My hubby and I decided let to maye continue her schooling there because she will be in K-2 this year and this is her last year in pre-school, but then again it is expensive, the tuition is increasing every year...but I am thankful to GOD that so far, I can still pay for it.
Next year, she will be starting her elementary years and I want to transfer her to a public school, partly financially( cause she still have to go college and I need to save money)and partly because I want her to develop her talent, public schools has more activities that showcases the talent of the students, thus giving them more chances to excel not just academically but also in Arts and it's kind.
I wanted her to develop the talent that I am seeing in her, and she needs more exposure to do that. School is one good factor that can give her those chances and opportunities to show what she can do.

WHEW! it is not easy to choose a School but for the meantime I settle for what I have decided.

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