Monday, May 3, 2010


It's time to get back to work again and I was so tired from yesterdays activity that we had (ME, My Hubby and Maye). It was fun and I always enjoy spending my time with the two most important people in my life.
We did brisk walking, with Maye riding her bicycle, she was so happy, that she was able to ride her bike out of the house and in the street for real, of course with me and Jr.
She was so excited that she is singing the theme song of Agua Bendita while paddling.
Happiness!..and seeing her happy and laughing it fills my heart with Joy.
We went for about an hour of walk and it is very exhausting on my part because I am gaining a lot of weight lately..^_^. I had to exercise to be healthy.
Went home around 8am and still riding her bicycle she was giggling with happiness, It feels good to see her smile and never throw a tantrum, I guess she was happy not because she had a new bicycle but because we are there ( me and JR) she feels so secure and she even told me when we arrived home that she wanted to do it again (the walking).
Thinking about it makes me tired but for my child we will do it again next weekend, it was already schedule and she marked the calendar!...Whew!!!

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  1. Your words were very touching to read ,the love for your daughter is beautiful! I am following thru MomBloggersClub and hope you could follow me at thanks!