Monday, June 21, 2010

skin Allergy

Have been to the doctor for the follow up and to get the results of the Biopsy.
I was again, as usual on the waiting list, waited for about 4 is always like this, since there were always a lot of patients ( lots of people have skin problems these days)..
To make it short, it was both Bad news and good news..BAD news is the allergies is known as PITYRIASIS LICHENOIDES CHRONICA with no known cause and it is chronic...GOOD news is thatit is not cancerous, not hereditary( can't be passed on) and it is not contagious. I don't know how to react on that, don't even know what should I feel, should I be happy that there were a lot of good news than bad nor be sad that we can't target the cause because it is not known...
The advise that was given to me by the doctor was too be under the heat of the sun 1 hour everyday, I'm getting my tan after the he had given me a cream for the meantime, then I will be back again after one month.
I hope this sun bathing thing will help, aside from getting tan, there is a great exposure of ultra violet rays that I will be getting for a month and I hope it wont be the start of a much serious skin problems...
I am hoping, the medication and the dedication would cure get my Flawless skin back!

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