Wednesday, September 1, 2010


While we were having dinner yesterday..My daughter, said that "Ma,Pa,I had a boyfriend at school...Say what?..."a boyfriend at school". and she was giggling...

The reaction, Me and my hubby look at each other, smiling and we just asked "who"

She then eagerly told us the name and how it had come that her classmate becomes her "boyfriend". We just laugh about it and we explain to her what does it mean in a child's point of view.

After washing the dishes, Me and My hubby talked about it and we were laughing when we recall the way she said it...

What if it will happen 10 years from now?...she would be 15 years old then...I think it will not be the same scenario, seeing it now, I could picture it out!!! and it worries me, Oh, how time flies so fast..

Good thing she was just 5 years old!

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  1. How cute! :-)
    my son last year (2nd grade) came home and told me he had a girlfriend in 3rd grade... she just didn't know it yet. lol.