Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sun damage is the number one cause of premature aging, fine lines and age spots, most commonly found on the face and most of all it is also the cause of skin cancer. It has been a fact that the UV rays of the sun is dangerous specially at the time of the day where the sun is at its peak of hotness because the UVA rays will penetrate deep into the skin.

During the summer month. The sun is always at its full capacity of giving us a lot of its UV rays and because of the pollution that damages our ozone layer, a large amount of these UV rays are hitting us directly. In this time also skin becomes dull because of sand, chlorine and other factors.

Since summer time is the best way to go on a vacation,most of us enjoys spending it on the beach and have fun under the sun, so the most essential thing that we should do to protect our skin from the sun is used a sunblock. Sunblock helps prevents the sun from inflicting too much damage to our skin, but we have to remember that in using sunblock it must be compatible with our skin type or else we may get allergies.

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