Monday, May 30, 2011

Why can't you get pregnant?

Marriage is building a family. Family is the foundation of the society and as defined a group of people that includes a mother, father and children is called a nuclear family. A child is born because of the union of two opposite sex. It is a fact that one is trying to unite with the opposite sex to produce offspring, but it is not as easy at it is being said. A woman can be pregnant if the egg is fertilized by the sperm thus producing a new life.

In most cases this is not always the outcome. There are always those women who are not fertile enough to bear a child and there re also men who are not competent enough to make a baby. There are a lot of infertility causes that one can be suffering, thus one cannot be able to get pregnant. Ovulation and egg quality is one it includes irregular ovulation because of hormonal imbalance and the egg quality is poor, but problems like these are related to age most of the time. Blocked fallopian tube is also one example of infertility causes because if ones fallopian tube has been blocked then it is very impossible for ones egg to travel to the uterus and in sperms cannot get into ones egg. Drinking too much alcohol and smoking also contributes to infertility as well as obesity.

In a world where people are trying to blend with the industrialized world it is also very important to watch what one is consuming, study shows that the BPA known as bisphenol-A has been linked to serious health problems, such as birth defects and cancer, and is also suspected to be the cause of erectile dysfunction for men which is know as being impotent. This chemical can be found in plastic containers of food and bottled water.

Infertility causes in males is also affecting the capability of woman in conceiving a child, In most cases it is the males infertility that makes it impossible for a woman to get pregnant. One factor of male infertility is when an epididymis or the tube that carries the sperm from the testes or if the two tubes called vas deferens is blocked. Aside from that, poor sperm quality and low motility of sperm or deficiency in semen also contributes to infertility. Pregnant women also who takes common painkillers has the possibility of giving birth to a baby boy whose testicles may not properly descend because the productions of testosterone is not enough.

Infertility causes depressions to people who are planning to have a child, in some ways it may affect them emotionally and or physically, a broken marriage may also be a result of infertility. But one should not worry about these infertility causes because we are now living in a modern world and technology has evolved through the years and because of this there are a lot of treatment that one can get to treat infertility, but one should be willing to accept the condition first so that one can be emotionally ready before getting a professional treatment.


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