Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mom can I have some time with you?

I have been so busy finding ways to get a second job to earn more and save for the future of my child. One day an opportunity came and I have to grabbed it, the reason? to earn more, so I started this job ( by the way this is a part time job at home, because I have a full time day job.) and for weeks my routine has always been the same, I have to wake up early so that I won't be late for my day job, then after that I have to rush home to prepare dinner for my husband and my daughter, then sit again in front of the computer this time for my part time job. See? it has always been my routine for almost a month and a half now.

It has always been this way every single day since I have this job at home, until I realized that, because of my eagerness to earn more I have taken for granted that I have a 6 year old daughter who in those days are always waiting for me, when to be home after my day job. I have noticed that during those days that I have been working at home she is always telling me when will I be done with my job.

It broke my heart seeing my daughter begging for a chance to have some time with me. I guess she missed the days that we we were singing and dancing together every night after I went home from my day job. I have been contemplating on what to do, I don't want to lose my part time job, the money I earned from it is a big help for us financially, especially now that school days is coming, but I also want to have some quality time with my daughter, I have been noticing these past few days that she is always doing something just to get my attention.

I love my child and I want to be with her, in her every day journey through life, I know I can do this, maybe it is just a matter of organizing the things that needs to done.

Help me God!

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