Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sitting is death

It has been a fact that the worldwide web has reach a certain threshold of popularity, it provides user the indoor entertainment that one is longing for, with just one click of the mouse we can have every information that we wanted. The internet is a great source of almost everything.

With that, most people relies on the internet for their business but not just that, jobs nowadays are mostly internet based.

Internet based jobs involves a lot of sitting for hours everyday, thus most people preferred to do this kind of jobs. It may be a relaxing work but, one should be aware about the risks of sitting for a long time.

According to some studies. Sitting will or shall I say has done serious things for one's health. It is the cause why a lot of people are suffering from the risk of heart disease and weight gain that may lead to obesity in the long run.

Sitting jobs will double the cause of cardiovascular disease compared to standing jobs, because when one sits the following will occur:

.Burning of calories will drop up to 1/minute
. 90% drop on the enzyme that helps burns fat
. Leg muscles electrical activity shuts off
. Good cholesterol will drop after two hours of sitting
.the risks of diabetes will rise because insulin effectiveness will drop after 24 hours.

Studies shows that those sitting while watching TV for 3 hours has a great possibility of having diabetes that may eventually lead to death.

It cannot be avoided because most people have jobs which requires a lot of sitting but one should remember to take the extra step because sitting is a killer it can increase one's death risk by 40%


  1. I try to get up and move at least once an hour. I'll go crazy if I don't! Thanks for the tips. I'm a new follower from Mom Bloggers Club.

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