Saturday, June 23, 2012

Crazy getting pregnant!

It has been a few months since I posted something, I have to take a rest to plan for another addition to the family.

I stopped taking my birth control pill for a year hoping to conceived again. For the first 2 months without my pill, my period was late, I was so excited and I immediately bought a pregnancy kit to test, unfortunately the result was negative, it was such a dismay but since it was the first try after stopping the pill, I just brushed the disappointment aside and tried again, for the following month my period returned to its normal rhythm until again it was delayed for another 2 months and again I did a test, and again it was negative, during that time I was so disappointed, and now I felt the frustration of those mother's, who were like me that is very eager to conceive.

My husbands keep on telling me that it was just a short time for me to be frustrated we just have to try again, though I know he is right, there was still a lot of things going on my mind. I felt that because I am gaining weight, maybe that's the reason why I was not able to get pregnant at the earliest time since most women who were on pills easily gets pregnant because they said that if you were on a pill and stopped it, you will be fertile enough to conceived, so I was wondering what was wrong with me.

I know that I can bear a child, I already have a 7 year old daughter but maybe because of my eagerness to get pregnant again, I was being paranoid of thinking a lot of possibilities why is it that it has been months and I'm still not pregnant. It came to a point that I had nightmares of not getting pregnant. But then again I am blessed that my husband always has hope and he keeps on cheering me up, telling me that it will not take long and we can get it right and because he loves me. I believed him and we still keep on trying and praying.


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