Monday, December 21, 2009


Shemelle ..that is my daughter's name, it's music to my ears but come to think of it.when she was born, I don't have a name for her since I am expecting a boy (even though i know she was girl, because i already had my ultrasound when I was still at my 6month of pregnancy) .She was born at around 1:45pm and she just let out a small cry not the typical new born baby that will cry their heart out (because the doctor slap their ass)^_^
Well, when I first saw her,the first thing I notice is her eyelashes, it was long and thick, it is very noticeable and goodness!!she was covered with hair, like her whole body was cloth with hairs..but she was my daughter, she had my lips and she has her papa's eyes and she was beautiful..
Now, mayeh as what the whole family calls her is 4 years old, she goes to school as K1.She is a beautiful child, with long black hair and her eyes were round and she still has the long lashes..She is taller than most children her age and she's way so talkative and curious and very active, she is also one happy child and very intelligent. As a mother I am so proud of her, she does her own things and she very independent.
She is the most precious and priceless jewel that I have, she is the reason that I am working hard and she is the air that I breath..I have come to appreciate life when I had her
I know that life may bring her, her own destiny but no matter what happens me and her papa will always be here to guide her and to support her in all the undertaking that she would go through life..
Shemelle is my bundle of joy .A gift given by GOD
I love her so much that no words can ever explain..

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