Thursday, April 29, 2010

very active

My child's having so much energy everyday...she wakes up at 7am in the morning went out of bed and start running around the house,play with the dog and ride her bike, she just pause to eat and take a bath, then go on running again. She had so much things in her mind that she wants to do and she is doing it all day long and looking at her it makes me tired...
In my part, it is very tiring to see her run here and there, she is so hyperactive that she couldn't stay in one place., even when she is watching t.v, she is tumbling and turning,put her feet above her head and she also chases the dog inside the house, dance without music and sings by shouting, she also talks too much, telling me a never ending story.
My five year old is very active , I know that it is natural for her to be like that,because she is one healthy kid but sometimes, so much noise and chaos in the house pisses me off, to the extent of yelling her, telling her to behave.(I know I was not supposed to do that But sometimes I just can't help it) specially if she is teasing the dog and the dog keeps on barking it's very noisy!

Chaos in the house everyday but I am thankful that she is like that.. it goes to see that she is very normal at her age and very healthy and oh! she is also a smart kid..very very smart!

It's almost six years

Me and my husband is living together for about six years now and I just realize how time flies so fast that I didn't even realize, that, of the almost 6 years that we have been together , We have never been apart even for a single day. We slept together every night (except for the times that I was on a night shift) and we woke up together every single day of each year.
It's been quite sometime, don't you think?..I am not complaining, I am just wondering how we did it for the past few years.....^_^

I'm just kidding, Basically for me there are just a few things that we are doing everyday that maybe keeps the relationship burning until now..LOL
Every morning when I woke up, I always kiss him good morning and hug him tight.I always say "thank you" for the little things that he is doing for me. Every night after work I always see to it that dinner is ready when he comes home, I always asks, how was his day.
But we all know that there is no such thing as perfect, we also have disagreement, even on small things but what matters most is how we end those misunderstanding...
I wouldn't say that these will be forever because forever is too long ,yet I am hoping it will be, because we know that there is nothing constant in this world except change, but I am praying that the love we've had for each other will be strong enough to hold us both until the end.

Love You pa and Thanks for the LOVE!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

just for laugh

When I opened my yahoomail today I received this message. I don't even know the sender so i thought it was one of those spam messages again,but when I read it, it's nice and I thought of sharing it goes

"A guy woke up in the morning with a terrible hangover. Next to the bed was a couple of aspirins, a glass of water, and a note from his wife. Honey, there's a hot breakfast waiting for you in the kitchen. Love, your wife. He looks around the room and sees that it is in perfect order, spotlessly clean and so is the rest of the house.

He stumbles into the bathroom and notices a huge black eye. After shaving, he goes to the kitchen, and sees that the hall mirror is broken too.

His son is in the kitchen and as he is eating his huge breakfast, the guy asks the son what all this is about.

Well, last night you came home drunk off your ass, stumbled into the mirror and hit your head on the doorknob. Mom helped you to bed, and as she's trying to get your pants off, you kicked her away and said, get off me lady, I'm married."

See? a guy can also be faithful sometimes but not all the time...and this one, he is one of the millions that even drunk, can still remember that he had a wife..hoping all married men will be like this.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Twilight Saga ( Eclipse)

The best selling novel of Stephanie Meyers twilight saga continues. The new eclipse trailer has been released and it explores the love triangle between Bella, Edward and Jacob as the werewolf pack and the Cullen Clan join together to fight a new breed of Vampires.

The story opens with the revelation that Seattle, Washington is being plagued by a string of unsolved murders, which Edward suspects is caused by a new vampire that is unable to control its thirst for human blood. As Edward and Bella apply to colleges, Bella explains to Edward her desire to see her friend, Jacob Black, a werewolf. Although Edward fears for her safety, Bella insists that neither Jacob nor his wolf pack would ever harm her, and she begins visiting him occasionally. Meanwhile, Alice Cullen has a vision that Victoria, a vampire who is hunting Bella for revenge, has returned to Forks.

I really like the movie and the book as well so I am excited to watch the third film and for those who are a fan here is the extended trailer..

Friday, April 23, 2010


Thank God it's Saturday!..I heard one my friends shouted, and judging by the tone of her voice she was so relieved that it's weekend.
She was thankful that it's weekends because her work requires most of her time, thus leaving her a few hours of sleep,so since it Saturday and no work at night( she was on a night shift)she was relieved that she could sleep for the whole day.
I was thinking if I could do the same, but I guess I cannot, being a mother requires my time 24/7, I am not complaining, I was just wondering if I could sleep for one whole day without interruptions..(hmmmn!!)
Thinking of my life now, I wanted to say Thank GOD for my everyday, I know that I keep on repeating my daily routine, but it is what makes me alive, going to work at 6am and find it good to chitchat with my friends about things and happenings and people as (you know sometimes we have this tendency to talk about people) then start my task, then go home at 2pm ,to again work at home (the never ending chores at home) you see? my daily activities keeps me alive and kicking.
I am also thankful of my everyday because I got to see the miracle of life, the continuous growth of my child, and feel the love of my family...

Thank GOD for the Everyday that you are giving us!!!



Thursday, April 22, 2010

Getting Pregnant

My daughter had turned 5 years old last month and she have her own world now. She is trying to be independent and what can I say she is preparing for the elementary years meaning she is growing up not a baby anymore.
I am now thinking of getting pregnant again, since maye is old enough for a sibling, and my husband's is so anxious to have another child, but there us a BIG BUT!
I am afraid for a lot of things, I do not know if I am now emotionally stable to carry a child, plus the fact that I am working.I am afraid that I will stop working when I deliver the baby because I know that during those days the infant will need my care,and I am really scared, because it will affect our stability financially and Maye is studying in a private school, my job is a big help in sustaining her needs and paying her tuition fee.
Considering that I will be having a Maternity leave and I will be receiving my maternity benefits, it is still not comforting to know that, because delivering in a hospital is so expensive, okay let's say I will do it in Public one, it is not comfortable for a mother to wait in line while on labor and sharing bed with another after giving birth. I know it's not believable but it is a fact.
If I will deliver in a private hospital that will costs too much for me, so I need to save money before getting pregnant. Formula milk for infants are also expensive...
What really bothers me most is the financial aspects of living life..I maybe ready emotionally and physically but not financially..
I know that my husband is so eager to have another baby but I am also thankful that He understands my fears,and he was very patient in taking the time to let me be ready when to get pregnant.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Modern Mother

Being a mom today is not as easy at it was a few years ago.I could say that my Grandmother had an easy time being a mom than my mother, so how much more with me?
I didn't say it is too hard but compared with my grandmother's time it is harder, during their time there aren't any cellphones, no online shopping and all these modern convenience, these are the factors that made it harder for moms of today.
Television has great influences on my child, I am hearing her repeating the lines of the advertisements  and keeps on telling me to buy these and that because this is what she saw on one of those commercial.
The modern day living is not as safe as what they had during the past, that children can play safely around the block while mothers are chatting over a cup of coffee.,today it is different, leave your children at the mall and you will never see them again, you see how the the modern day life not compensating the lack of friendliness and safety for our children.
The fact that the present time requires mom to work to make both ends meet, (even wealthy people are working but that is not to survive but to get even richer.)is a big factor that affects the growth of the new generation,unlike before, because life was so simple then that mothers were staying at home making more time with their children(no TV's too), so they can make more time for each other, unlike now we can only spare a little time for our children because we need to work to survive...and this really makes a big difference, because at times that the children were at home and we are at work, all they could do is watch television or surf the internet which we are afraid of(we do not know what they are doing online and the net is very dangerous for a young mind). I cannot say the that having these modern day life makes me great mom I still longed for a more simpler life away from the dangerous influences of the city life..I want my child to be safe but I can only do so much because I need to give her a good future and the only way is to work at a city where jobs are available....
A Mother & Daughter" Touching 8x10 Poem, Double-matted In Dark Green/Burgundy And Enhanced With Watercolor Graphics.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How to Vote

It's only 11 days to go before the first automated election, before that let us familiarize ourselves on how to vote using the new system...Let us know the specifics because it is very important that our votes will be counted, if we want changes in our nation's government system....I hope this will help.

Monday, April 19, 2010


I was so bored that I browse the web for whatever could refresh me and opened my yahoomail, I accidentally read a newsletter from one of the sites the I have subscribe in and found a very interesting article that spanking can lead into a more aggressive behavior..
It says that we all know that children need guidance and discipline, but parents should focus on positive, non-physical forms of discipline, such as time-out rather than spanking,and there are theories that, the more frequent we hit our children for whatever reason, the more stress they're feeling, which can impact brain development, emotional development and can impact behavior." so it may develop in their memories that, it is okay to spank them when they commit mistakes, which is not good since it could lead to a more violent adulthood

I wouldn't say that I never spank my child, I did specially, if I was so stressed out at work and she is also provoking me of doing something that I won't, but it is not to the extent of hitting her, just a little pinch in the side will do for her. I do believe that imposing the reward system and respecting her the way she is respecting me is still the best way to not get a defiance..

Useful links:

Valero Dead!

Shocking News indeed!...The former lightweight boxing champ Edwin Valero was found dead on his jail cell on Monday just hours after he was arrested for allegedly killing his wife...
I was sitting at home watching T.V when my husband arrived at home last night and he told me that there is a news about Valero killing his wife...He was shocked and disappointed because he was such a boxing fanatic and he wants to see Valero fight Pacquiao in the future since this Venezuelan boxer was one of those considered to face Pacquiao.I couldn't believe either, he is a Big name in Boxing and what in the world is he thinking when he did that, he had a bright future ahead of him
But that is not the end of this one shocking news after the arrest, He was found dead in his jail cell...
A Tragic Loss for a Champion!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My World 2.0

My World2.0 by Justin Beiber returns to #1 on The Billboard200, replacingUsher’s Raymond V Raymond , which debuted in the top spot last week. Bieber, 16, is the youngest male solo artist ever to top the chart for two or more weeks. Ricky Nelson was 17 in 1958.Bobby Brown  was 19 in 1989 when he headed the chart for three weeks with Don’t be Cruel . (and turned 20 when the album returned to #1 for three additional weeks). Stevie  Wonder’s  Little Stevie wonder/The 12 year old genius, released in 1963 when he was 13, top for only one week on the chart.
My Worl 2.0 has sold 676,000 copies in its first three weeks. It sold more copies than the Jonas Brothers Lines, Vines and Trying times it only sodl 635,000 copies since its release in June.
"Baby," the biggest hit from Bieber's current album, has sold 1,525,000 digital copies. Bieber owes a big debt to Ludacris, whose rap gives the light, poppy record a bit of texture and heft. "Baby" is closing in on "One Time" as Bieber's top seller to date. "One Time" has sold 1,815,000 copies in the past 40 weeks.
As a teen idol, Bieber receives both adoration and abuse. I think the "haters" should lighten up. Twenty years from now, when you ask someone in their late 20s or early 30s to name the first song they ever downloaded, or the first album they ever bought, or the first concert they ever attended, many are going to smile and say, "Justin Bieber." Young Mr. Bieber is turning people most specifically the young girls of this generation to popular music. Many of these young fans are going to start here and move on to other things. Today, Justin Bieber. Tomorrow who knows it may still be him but the worls is spinning so I can only guess.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


My  5 year old now . Maye had turned 5 last March 31. 2010 and she is growing really fast . She now knows thousands of words and can say most of them clearly. She can describe people and events in detail and uses more complex sentences. In fact, she  often talk continuously and it is non stop, she  likes to tell stories, ask questions, or simply share with me every thought that pops into their heads. She is practicing all the language skills she have been picked up over the past 4 years, and I noticed that her  questions and comments  mirrors her, developing a new way of thinking.

My  5-year-old is fairly reliable about using proper verb tenses now.

I also notice that she is picking up conversational etiquette. like being more  patient in conversations and more willing to take turns talking., but most of the time she is very talkative that she does all the talking and if it is my turn to react and she doesn't like it, she will automatically give her own point of view even though I am not yet done with what i was about to tell her.

 It is good to know that my child is developing as a normal kid and smarter that I expected...I thank God for her being a blessing to both me and JR.


Uploading pics

I was uploading photos in my facebook account and trying to figure out, why my USB won't work. There is always a window popping up telling me that the device is not recognized oh! sweet mama, is my USB broken or was it the computer..(sigh)..I keep on transferring the USB from one outlet to another and vice versa, I guess it takes a few minutes to get it done and finally it works,..hmmm, good thing because my patience is wearing thin, and I am thinking of kicking the make it
Anyways  I started browsing for the pics that I have saved in the USB from my brothe in-law's digital camera and just to discover that it was empty!..What can I say, Wasn't it really one bad day for me?...Grrrrrr!!
Good thing I still have plenty of things to do or else I'll be dead by now...because of hypertension!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


It has been quite sometime since i wrote, my work and my family keeps me busy these days..
I was so pissed of with the housemaid that she was absent for four days leaving all the household chores to me, the laundry is piling up way above the laundry basket, and just thinking about it makes me tired, in the past days I never had the time to visit my blogs, but luckily got a little time to spare today, since I am already done cleaning the house and doing the laundry..thank God it is all tiring but taking care of our home is worth it, seeing my hubby and my daughter enjoying the cleanliness is so satisfying, and it makes me happy..

I was also shocked to know that my housemaid had a miscarriage thus she was not able to work, the first time she went to the doctor, the finding was UTI and she was given a medication only to learn at a later date that she was pregnant and that the drugs she was taking was the cause of miscarriage...not good huh!

If it happened to me I will surely sue the doctor for that, Imagine how a big mistake was is like abortion..The doctor should have ask for more information from the patient before informing the patient about a certain illness, because administering drugs is as dangerous as it is a cure...

I guess I will take care of the house for a longer time, until I find someone new to replace the old housemaid ..but for now I have to have time management to maintain the cleanliness of the house ..Oh My!