Monday, May 31, 2010


I was able to come up for the sum of money that Maye needed to be enrolled this school year, Classes will start two weeks from now ad it is school days again..thinking about it hurts my pocket.
I enrolled her in the same school that she went in last year, I already decided that she will continue to study there, it is very convenient for both of us since it was only three blocks from home..A private school!
It is expensive I may say compared to other school but what I am after is that I am at peace knowing that she was not that far from home(i don't have a yaya with me)
and this is the third year that she will be in this school, so she is more confident and she already has friends.
What bothers me is that the school is so by the booked that the they are more focused academically, they seldom have activities in which children can develop their talents,aside from the fact that it is expensive.
My hubby and I decided let to maye continue her schooling there because she will be in K-2 this year and this is her last year in pre-school, but then again it is expensive, the tuition is increasing every year...but I am thankful to GOD that so far, I can still pay for it.
Next year, she will be starting her elementary years and I want to transfer her to a public school, partly financially( cause she still have to go college and I need to save money)and partly because I want her to develop her talent, public schools has more activities that showcases the talent of the students, thus giving them more chances to excel not just academically but also in Arts and it's kind.
I wanted her to develop the talent that I am seeing in her, and she needs more exposure to do that. School is one good factor that can give her those chances and opportunities to show what she can do.

WHEW! it is not easy to choose a School but for the meantime I settle for what I have decided.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Prince Of Persia

Browsing the Web looking for a good movie to watch and I found the reviews for this is good they say so I watch the trailer.

The adventurous rogue prince Dastan reluctantly joins forces with a mysterious princess and together, they must race against dark forces to safeguard an ancient dagger capable of releasing the Sands of Time -- a weapon that can reverse time and allow its possessor to rule the world

Kinda true...HMNNN!!! Let's see!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I have been busy this past few days that I only spend a little time with my daughter.
So the other day, I brought her to the mall and let her play in the play area for children..She was so happy, that before we went in there, she keeps telling me " thank you" like a hundred times..
I know that I should have enough time to be with her but sometimes my job eats most of my vacant time,not just as an employee of a company but being a mother as well but I am trying hard to balance things out.
It is hard to be a working mother, with no household help, have to go to the job early in the morning stay there for 8 hours and went home to take care of the household chores..
I know that I am not perfect but I am trying my best to do everything that I can to manage my time between my job and my child, I want her to feel that I am always there for her, and I will try my best to do so, yet sometimes there are instances that we can't but I will try to make sure that I can!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shrek Forever After

After the third comes another sequel of the animated film Shrek..

No Synopsis for me, just watch the trailer and wait for May 21st...^_^


It's the start of the week again and it is also the start of the busy week ahead...I enjoyed my day off last weekends and wanting for more( day offs but can't), it's time to work to survive...

Since it's my sister in-laws birthday, we celebrated it on a private clubhouse. We went there around 3pm till late night..we ate our heart out...I can still taste the chocolate cake and the fruit salad, not to mention the lechon...hmmnnn! deliciouso!
After that we hit the water, went on swimming until our body were so exhausted to move,...I learned now that swimming is tiring, most specially if you do not know how to swim..isn't it ironic?...^_^

Now, I am here sittin' in my desk so sleepy, My body is aching with all the weekend activities that we did.but it was definitely a BLAST!!...I am looking forward to do it again!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I am thinking of what to post today but came out with nothing……Thoughtless Friday huh!
So what I did is, browse the web and here is what I found. Thought I’d share it.

Womens pregnancy have a big influence on the mental and brain development of an unborn fetus.

So here are the things that mom should do to ensure the good development of a child.

1.)DHA Omega-3s- this is important for brain development, mostly found in fish.
3.)Fish Sources..but not canned one
4.)Folic Acid
5)Stress Management, under stress pregnant women are more likely to reach for unhealthy foods which are not good for both Mother and child
6.)Colorful and varied diet- more on green, deeply colored purple and red pigmented
vegetables and fruits

But support from Family and Friend is also a big factor on having a healthy pregnancy….

This make me think !!!!...I want to get pregnant again!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I was giving my daughter a Bath the other day and I was surprised by what I found out!
She is much taller now, I don't know why is it that I didn't notice her growth, but the last time I gave her a bath that was 5 days ago she was just halfway through my belly, now she levels up to my breasts, isn't it weird or I just didn't take notice of her growth? or mostly because I seldom gave her a bath, She was so independent that she takes a bath herself.

I was so amazed how tall she grew for the last few days, she is way taller than most kids her age.
I hope she continues to grow, because I am afraid that her growth would slow down during the growth gap years, I guess that's between 6-10 years old, and she is 5 now so that's only a year away, I only have a year to maximize her growth before the growth gap years..but I am glad that she is growing the way I wanted her to be...AMAZING!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Election Day...

A very tiring day that was...Yesterday was our first automated election day,people all over the country were so excited to vote since this is the first time that we would experience the automated election.It would be faster this time, thus they call it automated...
We went to the polling precinct around noon and we look for our designated precinct numbers, only to be surprised that the line was too long...way too loooooong!
I went in to get a priority number that was 746, can you imagine that?.. I was #746 and they are calling 250!.., anyways I am thinking and hoping that it would just take maybe 2 hours or less, I am fine with that since I was there about noon and others were there early morning, so that should be, since it is on a first come first serve basis...
So I waited there, waiting for my turn..but it is almost 3 hours and I am still waiting...I am thinking of not voting anymore, but I said to myself, I wanted change so I have to vote...My one vote would bring a big change in my country..(hoping it does).To summarize it all I was able to vote at around 7pm in the evening..

If I have a choice I would prefer the old way of voting, in this new process, votes are automatically counted but as a voter it was very tiring....whew! glad it was over...

I was a little bit disappointed by the way it was implemented...hoping that it will be much faster and more systematic next time...see you next time!

Friday, May 7, 2010


This is Shaggie the fourth member of our Family and we just picked him up from the streets.He was just a very small pup then..

Look at him now he is bigger and healthier and very playful and he likes to play with maye..
I cannot remember when did he came to our lives but I am glad we found him and I guess he was intended to be with us...sweeet little pup!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day gift

When I went home from work yesterday, I am so tired that even I am still on my way I am thinking of my bed..sooo sleepy..but I am so disappointed to see the house so cluttered and the floor is so dirty...
I need to clean the house and I only have 3 hours before dinner time and i had to prepare dinner, so there is no room for sleeping(sigh!) I need to put maye to sleep, she needs it for her growth, event though she is now 5years old.
To make the story short, I end up cleaning the house and did a little laundry..
I was washing the dishes when maye asked me "Ma , is today Mother's Day?"..
I said, "no it will be a few days from now..
"Ah, okay" she replied...
I was wondering how did she hear about that, I guess from the television....
After a few minutes, she went back to me and said
"Ma, Happy Mother's Day in Advance" and hugged me...
I was speechless, I was so touched, tears fell from my eyes and I hugged her tight,and I whispered "thank you"...
when she saw the tears, she was asking if I am crying and I said
"No, there is just something in my eyes"..she said "I'll blow it away for you because it's mothers day".. Oh,my sweet little one
That is the most wonderful gift I have for mother's day..A greeting full of love from my 5 year old daughter.

I was so tired when I went home but with that simple greeting, I felt like there is so much energy in me that I can do all the household chores...^_^

It is a Wonder how my child makes me happy in such a simple gesture of LOVE!!

Thank GOD for her!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


After a few weeks of waiting finally google adsense had approved my application.
I am so happy knowing that I can now display ads on my site and hoping that it will work.I have started blogging since December last year but I never really find time to maintain it since my schedule wouldn't allow it.This year I have been transferred to another account and that gives me more time to Blog. I just Blog about anything that comes to my mind,I blog because i felt like it or there are certain things that captures my interest so it was just a past time for me, a hobby until my friend told me that I can earn while blogging, so nothing to lose right?, I tried it and registered for google adsense, and was glad that my application has been approved.
I was so excited that I keep on changing templates so that I can put more ads on my site but little that I know that I need traffic to earn..hmmmm, let's see?..I will have to read more blogs about " how to get traffic for the site" or maybe " how to earn online"?..I will try both..
Till here since I have to search google so that I can start earning....LOL


Monday, May 3, 2010


It's time to get back to work again and I was so tired from yesterdays activity that we had (ME, My Hubby and Maye). It was fun and I always enjoy spending my time with the two most important people in my life.
We did brisk walking, with Maye riding her bicycle, she was so happy, that she was able to ride her bike out of the house and in the street for real, of course with me and Jr.
She was so excited that she is singing the theme song of Agua Bendita while paddling.
Happiness!..and seeing her happy and laughing it fills my heart with Joy.
We went for about an hour of walk and it is very exhausting on my part because I am gaining a lot of weight lately..^_^. I had to exercise to be healthy.
Went home around 8am and still riding her bicycle she was giggling with happiness, It feels good to see her smile and never throw a tantrum, I guess she was happy not because she had a new bicycle but because we are there ( me and JR) she feels so secure and she even told me when we arrived home that she wanted to do it again (the walking).
Thinking about it makes me tired but for my child we will do it again next weekend, it was already schedule and she marked the calendar!...Whew!!!