Sunday, May 23, 2010


I have been busy this past few days that I only spend a little time with my daughter.
So the other day, I brought her to the mall and let her play in the play area for children..She was so happy, that before we went in there, she keeps telling me " thank you" like a hundred times..
I know that I should have enough time to be with her but sometimes my job eats most of my vacant time,not just as an employee of a company but being a mother as well but I am trying hard to balance things out.
It is hard to be a working mother, with no household help, have to go to the job early in the morning stay there for 8 hours and went home to take care of the household chores..
I know that I am not perfect but I am trying my best to do everything that I can to manage my time between my job and my child, I want her to feel that I am always there for her, and I will try my best to do so, yet sometimes there are instances that we can't but I will try to make sure that I can!

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